Respecting Our Families, by Meryl Dorey

11958339 - little girl in hospital

When it comes to the media and the so-called Skeptic community, there is a real double-standard in regards to the value of not only our children but our rights to keep them safe from harm as we see fit – whether that is the harm posed by disease or the harm posed by vaccines.

Children who have been hurt by diseases and their families are treated like saints. They are sanctified in the corridors of government (with many of them becoming unqualified consultants on government vaccination policy), in the press and amongst their fellow citizens.

Those who were harmed by vaccines, however, are told to shut up, stop their whinging and, even worse, are told that they are imagining what they saw with their own eyes. Their children are invisible, disregarded and just considered to be the sacrificial virgins thrown into the volcano to save everyone else’s children.

Worst of all, however, is the treatment that parents of unvaccinated children receive when someone in their family contracts or is harmed by one of the diseases covered by our vaccination schedule. These parents are treated like criminals, openly and gleefully abused and basically told they are getting what they deserve without any question about what actually happened. Read more here


1 thought on “Respecting Our Families, by Meryl Dorey

  1. Hi Meryl,

    insightful words. Agree or not is not the point, as you say its perception of media etc. There are always going to be masses of people that validate their own actions by condemning others. In my view, sadly often through ignorance born of arrogance, or the other way around in some cases.
    I have been in practice for 32 years.
    In 32 years I have lost count of the number of cases of communicable “epidemic” disease cases I have seen. Many in immunised individuals, some not. What is not being acknowledged here is the lack of research that is unbiased, the acknowledgement that the “scientific” testing principles applied to researching effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs is also applied to other therapies WHICH DO NOT WORK ON THE SAME PRINCIPALS AS PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS! So using the same research protocols is entirely irrelevant. I might use the comparison of using a speed radar to measure the viability of life on Mars. My scientific colleagues would scoff at such a statement as it challenges their closed loop education and challenges there indoctrinated thought processes. I applaud those in the profession that stand back from themselves and recognise that what they have stood by as their own thoughts and opinions are in fact the imposed default responses of an insidious education.

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