My name is Tasha David and I am the proud Mum of six vaccine injured children and two healthy non vaccinated children. I am also an activist, advocate and former President of the AVN (Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc.).

I speak out for my children and the children of other vaccine injured families who are sick of their children being treated like they are acceptable collateral damage. It is not acceptable and it never will be…


Is the prison


Is the key


Is the prize

Tasha David

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  1. Hi, thank you for your post and information on no jab/no pay. Do you know if the 63 day grace period for child care rebates means the child has to be fully up to date or if they are on a catch up program it counts? Also i would like to be put in contact with other people in my community and potentially share child care. Could you help me? I live in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. Keep uo the good work and thank you

    • You’re welcome 🙂
      If you enter in to a catch up program during the 63 day grace period your child’s immunisation requirements will be considered met, it does not say that you have to have completed it, just entered in to.
      If you message Tasha at avnenquiries@gmail.com I will help you out with the community network support.

  2. Hi
    Thank you so much for your care in helping others on this matter.

    I’m in Victoria. At first my daughters kindergarten said my daughter couldn’t attend her 3 year old kinder now, for which we enrolled her in 2015. I showed them your post and my letter from them confirming I received confirmation of her enrolment in 2015.

    They rang the government to find out what they should do. They were told that my daughter can attend in 2016, but that for her 2017 enrolment in 4 year old kinder we would need to meet the immunisation requirements.

    I was thinking that perhaps by then there might be enough backlash on this issue that the legislation will be changed. But now I’m thinking I should probably start the process of entering a catch up schedule and then presenting the acknowledgment of involuntary consent form to the IP. My question is, who do I send the form to once done so that my child’s kindergarten cannot deny my daughters 2017 4 year old kinder enrolment?

    I have been practising ,Falun Dafa for 10 years. My family are healthy as a result. I have peacefully rallied for 10 years against the Chinese communist party for unlawful persecution against innocent Falun Dafa practitioners in China. That regime has forced schools and educators to deny Falun Dafa practitioners’ children access to school.

    This new legislation in Victoria infringes on freedom of belief. If we are not careful, we might also find ourselves adopting and living under communism, and betraying our conscience.

    • Hi Peta,

      I think you are right and we do need to fight back against these infringements on our human rights, because they seem to be disappearing quite fast lately. I am so happy to hear that you and your family are healthy as a result of Falun Dafa, my hope is that they will continue to thrive without you needing to do anything that is against your will.
      If you plan to get your involuntary consent form signed, you could put in a complaint to Centrelink advising them that you are unable to comply with the vaccination requirements, as there are no doctors who can vaccinate your child without valid legal consent.

      Here is a link to where you can make a complaint to Centrelink about any cancellation of your benefits/rebates/payments https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/contact-us/complaints-and-feedback#a3

      I hope this helps

    • I live in France, which has fought to make vaccine schedule optional. We only have one mandatory left, the dtap. At the time for my boy to go to creche, i found a doctor who would do the stamps for me without the shots. Apparently this is not uncommon. Maybe because french doctors are more educated? After all mandatory vaccines got voted out.. I’m not sure what I would have done without this doctor. When i went back to australia, i marked the MMR booster 6 weeks late on the vaccine schedule, they told me i had to do it again. So if i had followed the rules, my 3 year old would have had a triple dosage of the MMR (the most dangerous of all the shots). I pray Australians wake up soon! I saw in an interview with tenpenny, we’ve only got about 3 years to fight this, Adults are next on the list. Good luck with your kids, if you do have to do the shots, get on a really good detox protocol for them immediately after. But surely there are educated doctors in australia who are willing to risk in order to protect. There must be an underground movement like there was/is in france…. best of luck!

      • Hi Josephine
        My family are considering moving to France and have some questions about vaccination in France, I was wondering if you would mind me emailing you to ask a question? Much appreciated Lauren

  3. Hi Tasha

    Thanks for your reply.

    Submitting the signed form to Centrelink would take care of the payments issue, however, I’m more concerned about the access to kindergarten. Would submitting the form to Centrelink take care of that issue as well, or is there another department I should send the form to that would stop the kindergarten from refusing acceptance of my daughters 2017 enrolment?

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