Life with Autism in Pictures: When the Silence Screams

A hard blog to write…
“When the Silence Screams”
Shared at great risk — because of the haters and those who want our kids to just go away who are looking at any excuse or reason to call CPS/APS on us for “exploiting” our kids.
But I had to share this blog.
The world needs to HEAR this blog.
Brandon’s pain.
Pharma-funded and controlled legislators are not hearing our voices with regard to vaccine fraud & corruption and our parental right to refuse a liability-free medical procedure.
Maybe they’ll hear his.
I am exploiting not my son – but what has happened to him.
So that this holocaust against our children can be stopped!
Because if our right to refuse isn’t upheld, our children’s stolen dreams will be piled higher than rotting shoes at a holocaust museum.
That was government mandated with no ability to refuse, too.
Just like vaccination is fast becoming.

* * * 

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CDC Concedes … Quietly. Has The American Academy of Pediatrics Been Told? — lifebiomedguru


As of 2/2018 … quietly, CDC has conceded important facts about the MMR and MMRV Vaccines. Please forward this article to all MDs who need to know that, according to the CDC. The information below is directly from the CDC: MMRV Some people should not get this vaccine Tell your vaccine provider if the […]

via CDC Concedes … Quietly. Has The American Academy of Pediatrics Been Told? — lifebiomedguru

Why Did the FDA Just Ignore Safety Signals on HPV Vaccine in Women Aged 26 to 45?

Last Friday, the FDA approved of HPV vaccination of older women – at the end of a week in which a blockbuster book came out that highlights serious issues with the HPV vaccine – including troubling safety signals that the FDA knows about.

Previously, the vaccine had been approved for use ages 9-26, although scant data exists on the efficacy and safety in 9-year olds.  The FDA extended the approved use into an age group (27 to 45 years old women), some of whom will now almost certainly feel the effects of FDA’s latest flawed approval by experiencing autoimmunity, paralysis and death.

What the FDA Knows We Now Know, Too

From the information submitted from Merck to the US FDA, it is apparent that the vaccine used in Protocol 018, the only study of the safety of the vaccine market group  (9-15 year-olds) used only one-half the standard AAHS dose…

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