Vaccine freedom screwed hard under Sex Party policy

Tyrannical Times

I was interested to read the newly released, but rather unarousing, vaccine policy of the The Australian Sex Party which has seen fit  to join in the orgy of vaccination zealotry and bigotry currently sweeping Australia.  This is hardly surprising considering the author of the policy – Darren Austin – is a prominent member of Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN), a pro-vaccine hate group set up to suppress dissent against the vaccine programme.  He made this teasing post about the Sex Party’s imminent policy announcement on SAVN’s Facebook page on May 10.

darren austin

Predictably, a number of SAVN followers were flushed with excitement at the Sex Party’s prospective foray into vaccine policy.  Alas, when it was released a few days later it was something of an anti-climax to say the least.  Far from bringing something titillating or fresh to the arena, the author of the policy failed to erect any deeply penetrating arguments in support of vaccine bondage.


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