An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers, Brian Martin

Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective

Author Information: Brian Martin, University of Wollongong,

Martin, Brian. “An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 5, no. 10 (2016): 27-33.

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For those promoting vaccination, one option is censoring critics, but this could be counterproductive. The response of editors of two journals suggests that even raising this possibility is unwelcome.


For several years, I have been writing about the Australian vaccination…

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The Slaughtering of our Constitutional Rights


JOHN STUART MILL is sometimes attributed with the quote “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins”.  In reality, the quote seems to have arisen during prohibition protests.

Everyone understands that there are times when individuals must be called upon to secure our liberties and rights as a nation, at the risk of cost to individuals. The military draft, for example, is seen by many as a necessary evil from time to time, but even the de facto suspension of individual liberties during the draft is seen as extraordinary – no draft would be acceptable during a non-emergency period. The draft, for example, would never have been acceptable during Bush’s elective war in Iraq.

Lately there have been moves on the part of governments and other organizations to reduce, limit, or remove individual liberties and rights, and a full accounting of which rights are impinged in…

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Who is Obama’s boss? And why it matters.

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Who is Obama’s boss? And why it matters.

by Jon Rappoport

September 6, 2016

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Here is another question that has the same answer: who is in charge of destroying economies?

Who keeps pushing new economy-destroying trade treaties, like the upcoming TPP? Who is in the business of killing jobs and hope?

Who demands that these treaties must be ratified?

Who is breathing down Obama’s neck, as he stages a last-ditch effort to ratify the TPP and further bury US sovereignty under the weight of global corporations?

Who demands that more US jobs disappear overseas and never come back?

One group has been virtually forgotten. Its influence is enormous. It has existed since 1973.

It’s called the Trilateral Commission (TC).

Keep in mind that the original stated goal of the TC was to create “a new international economic order.”

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Bang: Texas prosecutor video: “vaccines cause autism” — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Bang: Texas prosecutor video: “vaccines cause autism” by Jon Rappoport August 30, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) The Vaxxed team does it again. Here is a stunning new interview with fearless San Antonio prosecutor, Nico LaHood, and his wife, Davida. Watch it. Share it. Polly Tommey of the […]

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Experts in Ignorance

No Compulsory Vaccination

ignorance of expertsWe are told all the time that we are not qualified to make medical or healthcare decisions for ourselves or our children. Instead, we need to leave it up to the ‘experts’ – namely the doctors and medical specialists – whose training has supposedly made them better-qualified than any of our own research and knowledge possibly could.

This is despite the FACT that medical doctors learn very little (nothing, really) about vaccination, nutrition or most other aspects of staying healthy when they receive their medical school training. Once they leave school, much of their continuing educationcomes directly from the drug companies so really, I think they are not qualified to advise anyone about these topics. The only exception would be if they themselves have done research outside of their normal areas and, if they have done so and offer advice that goes against the status quo, they are threatened with deregistration or worse!

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Your rights under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act

A must read for those in Australia looking for some way to fight back against the tyrannical vaccination legislation in Australia!

Tyrannical Times

I recently obtained a free legal opinion about the prospects for parents making complaints of discrimination under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), for the denial of benefits under the No Jab No Pay law, and/or the denial or cancellation of childcare enrolment under Victorian and Queensland No Jab No Play laws.

There is both good and bad news on this front.

The Good News – No Jab No Play Victoria and Queensland

According to the legal opinion, there are sufficient grounds for parents to make complaints against childcare services, with the possibility of obtaining compensation, for the denial or cancellation of enrolment of unvaccinated children under the state-based No Jab No Play laws, but no guarantees a complaint will be successful.  This is because there is very little case law to inform or predict how various sections of the DDA will be interpreted in the context of discrimination against unvaccinated children.

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