Life with Autism in Pictures: When the Silence Screams

A hard blog to write…
“When the Silence Screams”
Shared at great risk — because of the haters and those who want our kids to just go away who are looking at any excuse or reason to call CPS/APS on us for “exploiting” our kids.
But I had to share this blog.
The world needs to HEAR this blog.
Brandon’s pain.
Pharma-funded and controlled legislators are not hearing our voices with regard to vaccine fraud & corruption and our parental right to refuse a liability-free medical procedure.
Maybe they’ll hear his.
I am exploiting not my son – but what has happened to him.
So that this holocaust against our children can be stopped!
Because if our right to refuse isn’t upheld, our children’s stolen dreams will be piled higher than rotting shoes at a holocaust museum.
That was government mandated with no ability to refuse, too.
Just like vaccination is fast becoming.

* * * 

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