Vaccine Risk Skepticism

VACCINE RISK appears to be, to some media outlets, as mythological as Bigfoot.  This, in spite the fact that the SCOTUS ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe“; in spite of the fact that >$3USBillion has been paid out by Vaccine Court for vaccine injuries; in spite of the fact that Vaccine Court, with a great deal of hubris, has decreed a fixed number and type of recognizable vaccine injuries, including encephalopathy, which they have ruled 83 times can lead to autism.

Today, we’re going to take a look at responsible vs. irresponsible media reporting on Vaccine Risk.  I’m calling out the Vaccine Risk Skeptics and the Vaccine Risk Denialists.

When Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. told them media that he was asked by President Trump to lead a Commission on Vaccine Safety Science an Science Integrity, the media had an all-out freak fest of reactionary push-back reporting.  With…

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