The Slaughtering of our Constitutional Rights


JOHN STUART MILL is sometimes attributed with the quote “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins”.  In reality, the quote seems to have arisen during prohibition protests.

Everyone understands that there are times when individuals must be called upon to secure our liberties and rights as a nation, at the risk of cost to individuals. The military draft, for example, is seen by many as a necessary evil from time to time, but even the de facto suspension of individual liberties during the draft is seen as extraordinary – no draft would be acceptable during a non-emergency period. The draft, for example, would never have been acceptable during Bush’s elective war in Iraq.

Lately there have been moves on the part of governments and other organizations to reduce, limit, or remove individual liberties and rights, and a full accounting of which rights are impinged in…

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3 thoughts on “The Slaughtering of our Constitutional Rights

  1. Hi Poly Mum of Eight,

    I read this concerning Census 2016 that is concerning and how it may be used to track down un-vaccinated children one day, by use of the data linkage key all would be getting as a result.



    Australian Census 2016 | pavka It seems I will need to do other people’s jobs for them again… The mass media in Australia is, I am afraid, totally useless. So, what is the problem with next …


  2. Hi Poly Mum of Eight,

    I heard on Radio National this morning in Sydney, a news report(download mp3 attachment) about SIDS that squarely blamed anti-vaxxers for the virus that caused a SIDS death in a young girl who had already been vaccinated.




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