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Bang: Texas prosecutor video: “vaccines cause autism” by Jon Rappoport August 30, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) The Vaxxed team does it again. Here is a stunning new interview with fearless San Antonio prosecutor, Nico LaHood, and his wife, Davida. Watch it. Share it. Polly Tommey of the […]

via Bang: Texas prosecutor video: “vaccines cause autism” — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Experts in Ignorance

No Compulsory Vaccination

ignorance of expertsWe are told all the time that we are not qualified to make medical or healthcare decisions for ourselves or our children. Instead, we need to leave it up to the ‘experts’ – namely the doctors and medical specialists – whose training has supposedly made them better-qualified than any of our own research and knowledge possibly could.

This is despite the FACT that medical doctors learn very little (nothing, really) about vaccination, nutrition or most other aspects of staying healthy when they receive their medical school training. Once they leave school, much of their continuing educationcomes directly from the drug companies so really, I think they are not qualified to advise anyone about these topics. The only exception would be if they themselves have done research outside of their normal areas and, if they have done so and offer advice that goes against the status quo, they are threatened with deregistration or worse!

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