Your rights under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act

A must read for those in Australia looking for some way to fight back against the tyrannical vaccination legislation in Australia!

Tyrannical Times

I recently obtained a free legal opinion about the prospects for parents making complaints of discrimination under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), for the denial of benefits under the No Jab No Pay law, and/or the denial or cancellation of childcare enrolment under Victorian and Queensland No Jab No Play laws.

There is both good and bad news on this front.

The Good News – No Jab No Play Victoria and Queensland

According to the legal opinion, there are sufficient grounds for parents to make complaints against childcare services, with the possibility of obtaining compensation, for the denial or cancellation of enrolment of unvaccinated children under the state-based No Jab No Play laws, but no guarantees a complaint will be successful.  This is because there is very little case law to inform or predict how various sections of the DDA will be interpreted in the context of discrimination against unvaccinated children.

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