Silence greets rights breaches

Fremantle Herald Interactive

THE Turnbull government’s punitive approach to enforcing mandatory vaccinations breaches children’s rights, but the Human Rights Commission remains silent on the issue.

Human rights expert Paula Gerber, a professor at Monash University, told the Herald this week it was clear the withholding of financial entitlements from parents who refuse to inoculate their children breaches numerous articles of the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child.

She stresses she supports vaccination and jabbed her own kids, but says children should not be used as a “weapon” to force parents to toe the line and Australia should abide by treaties it signs.

The convention states children must not be punished for the beliefs or actions of their parents, and that governments should go out of their way to ensure children fully benefit from social security. It says children should have a say in any administrative decisions that affect them and…

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