Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

Septic Skeptics

By Brett Smith

kylar_loussikian Murdoch Journalist Kylar Loussikian

Ahhh Murdoch you’ve done it again. And again. And again. If you hadn’t noticed by now I hate Murdoch, News Corp and everything they stand for. I know Murdoch is just some other psychopaths’ puppet  but I get the feeling Rupert loves his work…A lot!

Anyways, I won’t go off on my usual rant about how he has helped destroy Western democracy and culture, sold the world a criminal war that has led directly to the carnage the world faces today, or even go into in illegal activities with Genie Energy with Dick Cheney & the notorious Rothschilds in Syria. Let’s just say he not only has blood on his hands he is up to his elbows in it.

This story is a little more personal. This is about the media and (of course) Skeptic attack on a brave and gentle academic…

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