Is It Just Me Or Do The Greens Suddenly Stink?

I have been wondering about this myself…

Septic Skeptics


By Brett Smith

Solar panels on roofs, compost bins in front yards: this tree-lined street is heartland for progressive Melbourne parents.In these affluent inner-city enclaves – if the statistics are to be believed – parents are less likely to vaccinate their children.Adam Bandt is not one of them, according to the article  written by Jill Stark in The Age March 12th 2016.   

 “Sitting on his front porch in Flemington with nine-month-old daughter Wren and wife Claudia Perkins, the Greens federal MP for Melbourne is furious with anti-vaxxers”

AdamBant Adam Brant furious with ‘anti-vaxxers”

Another Green politician furious with ‘anti-vaxxers’. Is Adam also furious with vaccine safety advocates? Is he also furious with selective vaccinators? We are a very broad church and while I know it suits Murdoch and now Fairfax’s Bad Pharma apologists to use the term anti-vaxxers, I like to think of us as vaccine safety advocates. Don’t all…

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3 thoughts on “Is It Just Me Or Do The Greens Suddenly Stink?

  1. Well good on him, but tell that to my neighbour whose grandson now has Autism. I remember the day he came over to me and with a shake of his head asked if I knew of anything that could be done to make him normal again . He said they were trying therapies but with not much effect. I thought it was a rare condition at the time, but having someone affected living next door to me told me I was wrong and something had changed. It sickens me that someone with a healthy child after a vaccination can then make a statement that ignores those that have or will be badly affected. Do we have enough votes to put an Anti-Vaccer or two into the senate and maybe knock out a Greens senator or two….!!!!

    • There are a couple of parties that believe in choice, one is Health Australia Party and the other is Consumer Rights and No Tolls party, so hopefully we can get some of these representatives in the Senate it is certainly about time we did have a voice in Parliament!

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