A letter to Bob Wright of Autism Speaks

Thank you for saying this Levi, it needed to be said….

Levi Quackenboss

Dear Bob Wright:

Thank you for speaking out against vaccine safety on the Today Show this morning.  Thank you for sharing the existence of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that pays out $100,000,000 each year for the damage done to Americans by vaccines. I am sure that for a lot of mothers watching Matt Lauer this morning, coffee in hand, there was a “What the hell is this man talking about?” moment, followed by googling vaccine safety.  For many, the light bulb went off this morning, and because of your warning, it’s not going to be blue. For creating that moment today, thank you.

That said, I and many parents I know, feel like what you shared on the Today Show was not even one-half of one percent of what you owe America.  It is not what you owe the unstoppable mothers– like those at The Thinking Moms Revolution—…

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Court Challenge to No Jab No Pay to proceed!

The Time Has Finally Come!
The AVN – with your help – will overturn No Jab, No Pay Legislation and return
Freedom of Health Choice to Australia.


The AVN Committee is very pleased to inform you that our barrister has now given us the go-ahead to ask our membership and the general public for their voluntary sponsorship of the court challenge to No Jab, No Pay legislation.


As I’m sure you can imagine, since this is such a big step to take – proceeding with legal action against federal legislation in the High Court of Australia – our barrister wanted to make absolutely certain that his advice was accurate and well thought-out before telling us it was OK to call for sponsorship.


We have just received a preliminary oral opinion from him, stating that he has identified at least one avenue to challenge the constitutional validity of the No Jab, No Pay legislation. He is of the opinion that this avenue has reasonable prospects of surviving an application for strikeout or summary dismissal.


In layman’s terms, this means that the High Court will be likely to agree to hear the case.
This is fabulous news, as I’m sure you can imagine.


As a result, we are now issuing a call for sponsorship.
We are now asking if you could please make a donation – as much as you can afford, any amount would be appreciated – to help support this no-doubt very costly effort to regain the right to free health choice in Australia.


We will be holding all voluntary sponsorships for the No Jab, No Pay (NJNP) court case separately until our legal team requires us to transfer funds to their trust accounts. These funds will be dedicated to paying for any and all costs necessary to oppose this legislation.  Under the guidance of our barrister, we intend to finalise the appointment of a legal firm and Queen’s Counsel in the near future.


Since we must keep these funds separate from other AVN operating funds, we ask that your sponsorships be directed as follows (this is very important as any funds not submitted in the following ways will be assumed to be supporting the AVN – not the court case):


Via the internet
A new page has been set up in our shop to allow you to make good on your pledges by either PayPal or credit card. Click this link to go directly to that page and fill in the amount you will be giving to this appeal.


By internet banking / direct deposit
Please transfer funds into the following account where they will be kept in trust for the court case.
Westpac Bank
Account name – AVN Community Solutions
BSB 032591
Account number 188223


This is VERY IMPORTANT! Please be sure to leave your name (first initial and last name is fine if you are limited in the number of characters) as identification on your deposit / transfer and be sure to leave the letters NJNP as well as that will direct the funds to the court case. A follow-up email sent to to avnevm@gmail.com with your contact details confirming the amount transferred would also be appreciated.


Send a cheque or money order made out to AVN to the following address:
PO Box 88


Write NJNP in the memo field on the cheque or on the back and be sure your contact details are enclosed.


Telephone payment:
Lastly – if you would like to make payment over the phone using a credit card, that can be arranged but is not the preferred method since it is very time consuming for us. Call Meryl on 0414 872 032 and she will be happy to take down your credit card details and to issue you with a receipt once payment has been made.


How else can you support this court case?


We are sure you all know that the AVN is a small, not-for-profit, volunteer-run association. We have battled against nearly inconceivable attacks from the government and those in the community who support censorship and compulsion regarding vaccination and, in spite of all these threats to our community, we have stayed the course and will continue to do so whilst ever we can.


There are many things that you can do to assist us in a non-monetary manner and if you are able to help in any of these ways, please do contact avnenquiries@gmail.com
and we will get back to you.


1-    Do you have 2-3 hours a week you can spare to help with things such as letter writing, phone calls, helping people with lobbying,
2-    Are you a legal person – either a paralegal, solicitor, barrister or QC? We are not asking for free assistance from legal professionals (though if you would like to provide pro-
bono assistance, we will not say no!) but we need to get a legal team together and would appreciate any help you can offer or any direction regarding likely constitutional experts.
3-    Are you a marketing expert? We will need help with promoting our efforts in the media so help with press releases and press conferences as well as other methods of advertising and promotions would be very much appreciated.
4-    Are you someone with a good knowledge of how the government works? If so, we really do need your help! Any assistance with lobbying or other legal/governmental issue would be wonderful!


Thank you in advance for fulfilling your pledge promptly. We will, of course, keep you up to date as things progress.


Yours in support of health freedom and choice,
The AVN National Committee


Have you joined or renewed your membership with the AVN yet?

The AVN needs members. Need we say more?


Membership is only $25 a year and will both support the organisation and show the government that there are many, many Australians who are concerned about health freedom.


Please consider joining or renewing today and also signing your friends and family up as a present.


Click this link or the image above to sign up, and be aware that we are having some issues with our web shop so your receipts may be delayed, but your membership will be acknowledged and we are grateful for all of you who choose to strike a blow for informed choice.


Does Malcolm Turnbull support censorship?

No Compulsory Vaccination

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Patrick Stokes – vaccine-risk denialist

A very active and lively discussion has been taking place on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page regarding the No Jab, No Pay law.  I made several posts in response to Dr Patrick Stokes – a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy who supports censorship when it comes to vaccination as evidenced by his article on The Conversation entitled: No, You’re Not Entitled to Your Opinion.

Dr Stokes is an Australian academic who readily admits that he is not an authority on the this issue.  Furthermore, he openly states that he does not WANT to know about the science of vaccination, instead claiming that everyone should defer to doctors and health authorities because they are the only ones capable of understanding the subject. Please read his statement below:

Stokes Defers to Experts

Is the PM Censoring Debate?

Getting back to the Prime Minister’s Facebook page, as I said, I was having a lively debate…

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Is It Just Me Or Do The Greens Suddenly Stink?

I have been wondering about this myself…

Septic Skeptics


By Brett Smith

Solar panels on roofs, compost bins in front yards: this tree-lined street is heartland for progressive Melbourne parents.In these affluent inner-city enclaves – if the statistics are to be believed – parents are less likely to vaccinate their children.Adam Bandt is not one of them, according to the article  written by Jill Stark in The Age March 12th 2016.   

 “Sitting on his front porch in Flemington with nine-month-old daughter Wren and wife Claudia Perkins, the Greens federal MP for Melbourne is furious with anti-vaxxers”

AdamBant Adam Brant furious with ‘anti-vaxxers”

Another Green politician furious with ‘anti-vaxxers’. Is Adam also furious with vaccine safety advocates? Is he also furious with selective vaccinators? We are a very broad church and while I know it suits Murdoch and now Fairfax’s Bad Pharma apologists to use the term anti-vaxxers, I like to think of us as vaccine safety advocates. Don’t all…

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We will not look away while those vulnerable to vaccine injury and death are sacrificed for the the “greater good”

For too long our families have been treated like invisible victims with no voice, that time of silence is over…


“We are here to witness and talk about the suffering of our children. The suffering of vaccine injured children is no different from those who suffer from the complications of infectious disease, except that the lives of the vaccine injured are dismissed as acceptable losses, and their families are persecuted by those who do not want to see or hear about what vaccines are doing to our children.

We believe that every life is important. We will not look the other way while those vulnerable to vaccine injury and death are being sacrificed in the name of the greater good. When the State considers one of us to be expendable, then we are all considered expendable. It is time to hold corporations and government agencies corrupting science and exploiting the people for profit and power financially and legally accountable for what they have done, shamefully, in the name of…

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Modern day zealots with a pen…


You guessed it! We are under attack yet again by the poisonous pens of the Murdoch minions., The latest instance reminded me of a blog I wrote a while back called “Anti Vaxxers the new dirty word”. Even though I wrote it over three years ago, it is just as relevant now as it was then. In this blog, I spoke about the natural progression of persecution against anyone who questioned vaccines.

“The path to repression begins with many small steps. It starts with the gradual wearing away of someone else’s rights through restriction of employment, public education, and government entitlements. Then comes ostracism whilst creating fear, hostility and resentment towards the group in question from the rest of society. Not too soon after that, segregation comes in to the mix.”

It was as if I was looking into some kind of warped crystal ball, when Victoria and Queensland welcomed the roll out of segregation against preschool children in 2016. Instead of the shock and horror that any sane person would feel at the imposition of such draconian legislation on children, this move was greeted with pats on the back and congratulations all around. How could we as a society have fallen so far that we would welcome the segregation of innocent children?

“Countless times in history we have seen that ugliness in human nature breeds more ugliness. Intolerance, discrimination, persecution, repression are all formed through fear and hatred. Have we learned nothing from the past, or are we just so insecure that we always have to look for someone to oppress in order to make ourselves feel powerful and dominant? If this type of hostility continues towards people who just want the right to make choices for their own families, what do we have to look forward to in the future?”


You don’t need a crystal ball to see what certain reporters want to see the future hold, all we have to do is look at the articles in the spiteful and malicious Murdoch rags the Courier Mail and The Daily Telegraph to see what they want to happen…

“Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are akin to child abusers.
But on an even broader scale, because not only are they guilty of neglecting the safety and wellbeing of their own kids, but they [are] also exposing other children to a raft of preventable diseases.
And perhaps now is the time for serious discussions to occur about whether our legislatures make child vaccinations compulsory. Much like pool fencing or seatbelts. Or sending your child to school.”

Not satisfied by the new laws segregating our children and cutting welfare payments from low income families, they are calling for even more persecution to be meted out to families who raise healthy children without a dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.

So how exactly will they enforce this compulsory vaccination of our children, especially when parents who have researched the risks and failures of vaccinations continue to refuse to allow the nanny state to inject their children against their will?


Just how many rights do they need to try and take away before their satisfaction for persecution is sated? Will they try and take away our children? Will they throw us in prison like they did in England in the 1800’s? Or will we be the next ones sent offshore to some remote place for the ‘greater good’?

What will it take for them to realise that in their ignorance and arrogance, they have become zealots on a fear-based vendetta against innocent children and their families, and how long will society let them get away with it?
The media for too long has been given free rein to whip their readers into such a frenzy of fear, they have all but forgotten what is right and wrong.

Surprisingly they have forgotten that segregation is wrong; disadvantaging children is wrong; vilifying and attacking others is wrong. Yet these very behaviours have been actively incited and demanded nonstop for the last 3 or more years by the media. So when will they be held accountable for their irresponsible actions?


“Addressing hate speech against minorities in the media is important because we have seen in the past, and we continue to see today, how negative stereotyping and incitement to hatred can lead to further discrimination and violence targeting minorities. Social tolerance for discrimination, enmity towards segments of the population and hate crimes are neither spontaneous nor natural. They are a consequence and a manifestation of a state of mind in part of the society, of a particular dislike towards a population that would not exist if it were not cultivated by people of influence, media outlets, and other opinion-makers.


The media in all their “wisdom” have chosen to cultivate and promote the negative stereotypes and hate speech against us and our children, they have continued to use us as the convenient scapegoats for the failings of the vaccines that they have put their blind faith in.

If they had done the tiniest bit of research, they would have known that their poisonous articles were unjustified and irresponsible and that they have failed yet again, in their duty to ensure they were reporting this issue fairly instead of blatantly parroting pharmaceutical propaganda. They might have even come across some very relevant facts like:


Measles is largely a disease of the vaccinated, just like Whooping Cough.

• that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunisation level of 100%.

• Children of mothers vaccinated against measles and, possibly, rubella have lower concentrations of maternal antibodies and lose protection by maternal antibodies at an earlier age than children of mothers in communities that oppose vaccination. This increases the risk of disease transmission in highly vaccinated populations.

• CDC figures show how vaccination has changed the face of measles. In 1976, just 3% of all cases occurred in children under age 1. Typically, their mothers were born in the 1950s, well before the measles vaccine became routinely available a decade later.
In the 1980s, as teen-agers who were vaccinated as children began to have babies, those numbers started to change. In 1985, almost 8% of measles cases were in infants younger than 1. By 1991, it had climbed to 19%. And so far this year, 28% of all measles cases have occurred in babies under a year old.”
“Dr. Mark Papania and others looked at families where infants were exposed to people with measles. They found that the babies of mothers born after 1968, when vaccination became common, were 3 1/2 times more likely to get measles than were infants of older mothers.”

• Studies of measles outbreaks in Quebec, Canada, and China show that outbreaks of measles still happen, even when vaccination compliance is in the highest bracket (95-97% or even 99%). This is because even in high vaccine responders, vaccine-induced antibodies wane over time. Vaccine immunity does not equal life-long immunity acquired after natural exposure.

• That well managed childhood infectious disease is linked to health benefits other than lifetime immunity for children


Believe it or not, there is a definite silver lining to all of these attacks on our community and that is this…

We are uniting in ways that I have been waiting years to see, so no matter what you throw at us we will never give up and we will never give in and each time you try to bring us down, you just make us stronger!

Just look at what our vast and diverse community has accomplished in the past year or so,

  • we have had protest rallies in most major cities in Australia that thousands have attended,
  • we have been to Canberra several times and seen scores of Senators and MP’s,
  • we fought for and achieved a Senate inquiry in to the No Jab No Pay legislation,
  • we had around 3000 submissions sent and received by the Senate Committee including submissions from international experts like Dr Tetyana Obukhanych PhD, and Dr Suzanne Humphries, as well as having the distinct honour of having Dr Lucija Tomljenovic appear via Skype as our expert witness,
  • The amazing Dr Judy Wilyman finished her PhD thesis A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy
  • we have had politicians like Alannah MacTiernan speak out in Parliament in our favour, and even the Greens recently tried to get Parliament to consider a vaccination injury compensation scheme,
  • we have had a petition against the No Jab No Pay legislation signed by almost 20,000 people
  • Our numbers have increased exponentially as seen by the size of our presence on social media and the full house we saw just a couple of weeks ago in Mullumbimby,
  • new vaccine choice groups have been formed and are growing
  • we have new support networks growing and connecting like-minded parents from all over Australia

Imagine what we will achieve this year…