Administering Vaccines Against a Person’s Wishes is Illegal

For those looking for ideas on what to put in your letter to Centrelink…

No Compulsory Vaccination

The following information was posted to the Fans of the AVN Facebook Page and is reprinted here with the permission of the original author. I am also trying to obtain a copy of the StatuCoerciontory Declaration this mother gave to the two doctors who refused to vaccinate her child and will post that here when/if I am able to get the text.
For those who oppose coercive vaccination policies and want to convince the government that their discriminatory legislation will backfire, this may just be a quick, inexpensive option.

If you do go ahead and do this, please let me know by sending an email to me here.

I have posted my letter today back to Centrelink I had an appointment with a lawyer about it last week… here it is if anyone wants to do the same….

Dear Service Centre Manager
Locked bag
7834 Canberra BC ACT 2610

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2 thoughts on “Administering Vaccines Against a Person’s Wishes is Illegal

  1. PolyMumOf8 that is a great move by you and I hope you are successful on this as I am waiting for my first letter. I am hoping you get that exemption easily. It will be interesting how Centrelink interprets it all in the first place or if further delays or barriers are put up. In Australia I feel we are leading the world regarding our rights on this and no doubt will become an example for all to follow. I do remember one ABC gardening program that showed how people wanting to grow vegetables in the strip of land in front of their homes were stopped by Council laws, except for one street. The reason being three houses together decided to do it together. While we as a group are seen as individuals that can be picked off one by one then we may find difficulty, as a group together we may have a chance.

    • I truly believe if we can band together we can overcome their system of denial and tyranny, it is so good to see our community rising up together, it has been a long time coming 🙂

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