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When your net worth is estimated at $42.6 billion and you are the co-founder of an online social network used daily by more than 1 billion of the world’s 7.4 billion people, anything you say or do, no matter how mundane, has the potential to become instant, bigtime news that just about everybody is commenting on.1 2 It even has the potential to stir up controversy and take over countless headlines in newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

That is precisely what happened when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took his five-week-old daughter Max to the doctor’s office, ostensibly, to receive her first round of vaccinations and then proceeded to post (on January 8, 2015) a photograph of the two of them on his Facebook page with the caption, “Doctor’s visit- time for vaccines!”

Predictably, the photo and the story have gone viral, giving a boost to the evolving conversation (albeit sometimes more…

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#HillaryClinton : not one word about autism’s cause or prevention

Levi Quackenboss

Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched what sounded like a compassionate plan for increased autism screening and health insurance coverage for medical establishment-sanctioned autism services.

Sounds so warm and fuzzy, right?  Autism Speaks rejoiced.  Almost makes one forget this not-so-compassionate tweet 11 months ago:

clinton tweet

Just kidding.  We’d never forget that tweet, Hillary.

Hillary says she’s going to call for the first-ever study of the prevalence of adults with autism. Awesome news all around, right?

Wait, what? Why exactly would we pay for this?  Is this a veiled attempt to discredit the fact that we’re in a mothereffin’ epidemic of autism in this country?  To try to prove that the skyrocketing, terrifying autism rates are solely the result of better diagnosis?  Will Hillary show once and for all that we’ve always had these rates of autism, but “back then” parents just gave their kids up to an institution?

Let me save you about a…

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