10 reasons to investigate before you vaccinate

When you start researching vaccination, it can be quite overwhelming, there is just so much research that questions the necessity, effectiveness and safety of vaccination.

Once our decision is made, and we know that the current vaccination schedule or policy is not for us. A lot of us know why we don’t want to vaccinate or why we choose to delay or selectively vaccinate, but with so much information available we don’t know how to express it simply and succinctly to others.

Kathy Scarborough from Vaccination Information Serving Australia has come up with a simple list of 10 reasons 2015

These cards can be downloaded and printed out, so please share them far and wide.

10 Reasons To Investigate Before You Vaccinate…

1. There are serious concerns about the safety & effectiveness of vaccines.

2. Detailed information about vaccines is not readily available to enable people to make informed decisions.

3. The incidence and death rate from infectious disease declined dramatically before vaccines were introduced because of improved sanitation and nutrition.

4. Vaccines are grown using animal and human tissues and are contaminated with foreign proteins and DNA that can cause severe allergic reactions, also viruses from other species.

5. Vaccines contain toxic and known cancer causing ingredients including formaldehyde, aluminium, mercury, antibiotics, MSG.

6. Vaccines represent an un-natural exposure of the immune system to modified bacteria and viruses, can cause the disease they are supposed to prevent and lead to new diseases and conditions.

7. There have been no double blind studies to prove that vaccines work, studies into their long-term side effects or to determine who might suffer a serious adverse reaction.

8. Infectious diseases of childhood are beneficial to the immune system and protect against auto-immune and chronic diseases later in life eg. arthritis and cancer.

9. Vaccines do not offer any long-term protection against diseases even if booster shots are given repeatedly.

10. There is no compensation for damage from vaccines in Australia.

Share with interested friends and family, leave in places you think people may read them and even keep them for yourself.

Education and awareness are the keys to making an informed decision and unfortunately only the benefits are being promoted by government and medical organisations. It is up to us to make sure that all of the information is available for parents.

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