When You Hear “Anti-Vaxer” think “Parent of a Vaccine-Disabled Child”

Levi Quackenboss

Despite what the media tells you, it isn’t all that common to encounter an “anti-vax” parent who has never vaccinated a child.  Most “anti-vax” parents only wish they were so lucky to have seen that train wreck coming in the crystal ball.  The overwhelming majority of them started out just like the opposition:  pro-vaccine and trusting their doctors.

Then, one day, they lost the healthy child they once knew.


The parent woke up to their child seizing in the middle of the night, or to discover that their toddler has Type 1 diabetes, or a bowel disorder so severe that their child was banging his head on his highchair and hanging over the arm of the sofa trying to mitigate the pain.

Maybe their preschooler became covered in eczema so crippling that it was a 24/7 job to keep them from clawing their skin off, and the parents had to…

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